I really want to go to this conference with Chris Gardner (the person who inspired the move the pursuit of happiness with Will Smith) because I feel I’ll learn so much from this man 

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Man, I can’t hear someone talking about how the future can be amazing without start crying like a baby

I just feel overwhelmed about how the future is a beautiful place and that’s just me worrying because of nothing. 


me? have a boyfriend? no, i try to focus on the more important things in life

like crying over character development

People than want fitzsimmons to be separate on season two…

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Adelaide Kane Season 2 Photoshoot **

Adelaide Kane Season 2 Photoshoot **

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But guys, let’s get this clear.

If Fitz indeed have hallucinations is not because of his anoxic encephalopathy, it has nothing to do with his psychical health, but his psychological problems.

His brain literally cannot process everything that is happening, and he could probably have just blocked everything that happened in the pod. That’s why I think he won’t remember, not because he will have short term memory loss, but because he will suffer from PTSD and he’ll block every memory probably since he found out Ward was HYDRA. 

He hallucinating Simmons just means how much he wants the things to be the same again, them alone in their lab working together at the plane. His brain created this version of Simmons only him can see, and he can talked to. He’s not accepting this new Simmons, probably a more dark, heartless Simmons. Literally his mind cannot accept her, so that’s why he has to come up with his own version of her. 

Which it’s sad because if he actually does this, it means he’s the one who will stay away from Simmons, and not the other way around like everyone is talking about. 

And it’s also sad because he needs therapy and if he doesn’t get it this could be really bad for him, because he could actually go crazy because he’s just not accepting this new reality. 

the good thing is that hallucinations!Simmons is only a theory and nothing more. 

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I’m already impressed by your face. Everything else is just a bonus.


Everyone is freaking out because Fitz might be hallucinating Simmons, and here I sit scratching my head and whispering “but guys, anoxic encephalopathy doesn’t work that way at all”. Unless they gave him some old fashioned alien serum, at least. Then all bets are off.

But then again, this was the show that insisted that no surgeon could save an already stabilized Skye from a gunshot abdomen wound, so everything is possible. Le sigh. Medical knowledge isn’t very strong within AOS, no.

But…you’re just focusing on his physically injures. 

I think if he does have hallucinations is because of his psychologically injures. He’s traumatized because of the pod experience, because he looked death right at his eyes, he was in a coma, he expressed his most deepest feelings right there before he thought he would die. That’s not a easy thing to cope with. He hates change, and now everything has changed. His own mind is blocking all of this changes so he can feel better. That’s why the hallucinations, he’s imagining Simmons before everything went to shit.

Example: Dexter Morgan was a totally healthy (physically speaking) human being, but he had hallucinations of his dad every single day.

I’m not comparing Dexter to Fitz, because uh, Dexter was a psychopath, but what I’m trying to say that mental health is also a big issue we have to keep in mind. 

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I just want to applaud this fandom for coming up with such plausible theories from just seeing a few photos and a one second clip. I swear, we have to be the most thorough tag in history.

We basically figured out F.Z.Z.T. before it happened, and we may have figured this one out too.
*claps* you guys are awesome.

And we also figured it out the “pod being thrown in the ocean” thing

we’re like detectives hehe

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