Anonymous asked: why skimmons shippers ""hate"" fitz? only thing i dont understand

I don’t think they hate Fitz, they just like to “confirm” people Simmons is not in love with him. 

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nerdynut asked: I think people are against caestridge because they're real people and it would be weird to like write fics and stuff about them and also like they have their own lives and choices and they're REAL and we shouldn't tell them what to do so when I say I ship caestridge I just mean I would die if they got together but I wouldn't die if they didnt


Exactly! I also mean by “shipping” that I’d die if they get together, but that’s it haha 

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Anonymous asked: Skye's feelings? What? They love each other? Since when? When did that happen? Weren't they friends?

Skimmons shippers think skye and simmons have a “special connection” somehow, to be honest I’ve never seen it or feel it or anything. You know, it’s because they ship it, they think it’s there.

They’re friends, and I think that’s everything they will be. 

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Anonymous asked: i dont understand why people are so against with caestridge :(

Because Liz has a boyfriend. But I do what I want, so I’m gonna ship them.

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nerdynut asked: I saw that one thing with the Amin about skimmons and I have to say why does Simmons have to return anyone's feelings? Why are her only roles with fitz or with Skye? Maybe she's gonna take over the world with an army of zombies she created using a zombie virus all by herself ALL HAIL SUPREME LEADER SIMMONS


but i hope she does return fitz’s feelings hehe

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Anonymous asked: do you ship caestridge, right?

I do, with all my heart!!!

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Anonymous asked: can i keep sending you messages? i hope im not bothering

Oh my god, no, not at all!! It actually keeps my head off the things I’m trying to avoid thinking, so thank you.

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Anonymous asked: yes, it is the biggest ship in ouat fandom and it ain't canon. some of them are so mean to other shippers...

ahhh okay, but don’t worry. Skimmons is not the biggest ship in this fandom. I think right now the biggest ship in this fandom has to be skyeward. 

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Anonymous asked: you're amazing!

Oh my god! thank you!!

I’m kind of really angry right now, but this helps <3 

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Anonymous asked: im afraid skimmons will turn out to be swan queen in our fandom

If I’m not mistaken swan queen is a ship from ouat right? 

Well, I don’t know anything about that ship. But skimmons is starting to bother me tbh. 

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